There are pivotal moments that frame a young woman’s future, from how she feels about herself to how she sees the world. Many of those moments happen between the ages of 18 and 25, and The Concordia Project has been designed to guide her through those sometimes difficult, uncharted waters, providing her with the critical thinking skills and tools to approach the world with the eyes of an entrepreneur.

Whether or not she chooses to start her own company, that kind of problem-solving ability, along with the knowledge and leverage of her natural talents, will equip her for whatever path she forges. Our 3-phase process provides the tools for exploration, team-building and creation, and she can take advantage of one or all of them during her time with us. Our initiatives are launching in 2017, but here’s a sneak preview:


Young women around the world are more alike than different. Beginning with our GLOBAL THINK TANK pilot in 2017, high school seniors in the US and Nepal will come together virtually to talk about their concerns and ambitions at such a pivotal point in their lives. Through their work with talented facilitators, they will have the space to dream and make plans for their futures. Our pilot group is being created in partnership with WomenLEAD in Nepal and KnowMyWorld in the US.


Before we can unleash a generation of young women with uniquely developed entrepreneurial qualities, we must ensure they are trained as effective leaders. Skills like critical thinking and team-building are essential to their success, whether for starting a company or working in one. Our proprietary MENTOR LAB provides leadership training focused on project-based learning, and reinforced by strong mentorship. Young women 18-25 will launch social good projects in their communities, creating positive change while mastering essential skills for success.


For young women eager to start companies, we will guide them through the ideation, funding and pitching process. We’re also developing partnerships internationally for the creation of specialty products, including a LUXURY LINE OF TRAVEL ACCESSORIES launching in early 2017. The line is being developed in partnership with esa (evolving sustainable apparel) in NYC and the Women’s Skills Development Center in Pokhara, Nepal. Each project is being developed with the goal of creating new jobs both in the US and partner countries.


In ancient Rome, when the Senate could not agree, they would retreat to the Temple of Concordia. The only goddess with a temple in the Forum, Concordia was the steward of harmony and agreement. With this project we’re building a new temple, where human beings are empowered by their natural talents. Where leaders are created, where teams become stronger, where we gather at a table to create what’s next. Together. As the daughter of Mars and Venus, we can think of no better guardian for the evolution of our conversation about empowerment — where we move from a zero-sum game between men and women to a methodology that builds a sustainable future for all human beings.