After working with 1,000+ women around the globe, we’ve seen some clear patterns emerge.

And it’s fascinating how these “scripts” seem to take hold no matter what our culture, socioeconomic status or education level. Perhaps they are part biology, part culture. No matter what the source, they ultimately chip away at our power, and stand in the way of us really owning who we are. They diminish our resilience. And they are the reason I created a program focused on coaching for female founders and executives.

Most of the women I’ve worked with share a familiar story with my own: We are relentlessly hard on ourselves, often trying to get it “right,” or “perfect.” We feel an overwhelming need to deliver, and want that gold star for a job well done. Or some variation of the theme that we must prove ourselves just as worthy, that we can compete, we can do our jobs well, and create companies that thrive. And we torture ourselves in the process.

But what if it didn’t need to look that way?

With an approach that is part coaching, part support network, and all moxie, our program was designed to address those very scripts and render them powerless. The program is led by our founder, Jennifer Iannolo, who has been living the roller coaster life of an entrepreneur since she was 8 years old (that is not a typo).

In addition to founding Culinary Media Network® — the world’s first food podcast channel — in 2005, Jennifer now travels the world working with women to help them build their companies and futures. She advises organizations like the International Red Cross, several Silicon Valley startups, and is a featured speaker on women’s entrepreneurship for the U.S. State Department. She speaks around the world (including 6 times at Harvard) to help women shatter their boundaries.

In addition, she is a respected judge for startup competitions including StartUp Cup and Make It in Brooklyn, and has done pitch training at 1776 and t-Hub, India’s biggest incubator.

To take things to a new level with Concordia, Jennifer has created a breakthrough methodology around empowerment that will change the way you approach your business, with a source of personal power that is  self-generated, self-sustaining, and infinitely renewable. She calls it Self-Directed Empowerment™. It is the key to becoming so resilient, you can stand strong in the face of anything that crosses your path. Anything.

My first venture-backed startup failed when I was in my early twenties and I was at what is most likely the lowest point in my life. It was during that time that one of my mentors referred me to Jennifer who helped me work through everything that went wrong, and provide support and guidance as I've gone on to build two profitable companies, and co-found a third startup that won the $500K Forbes 30 Under 30 Change the World Competition, and the $300K WeWork Creator Awards. When I look to strong women who can help guide me as I grow in my career, Jennifer is at the top of the list.

- Chloé Alpert, CEO, Medinas

If you are ready to take on the challenge of moving your early-stage company to the next level, we encourage you to apply for our program. Jennifer’s coaching is world-class, and in addition to gaining decades of insight and intensive personal development from her, you will receive the added benefit of a supportive group going through the exact same thing you are. It is hard to be a solo founder out there trying to make things work, feeling like you are suffering through it alone. We have a better way!

What does the program include?

Our 12-week curriculum includes the following:

– Development of a solid 12-week timeline with clear milestones that fit in with your company’s big picture (even if you are still figuring that part out)

– Weekly coaching calls with your cohort members to address issues happening inside your company, and strategies for transcending them

– Development of your confidence and resilience as you develop and put to use your new arsenal of skills and tools

Every session and step is devoted to developing you as a powerful CEO, and moving your company forward. From co-founder issues to creating the right kind of infrastructure for growth, we address not only the typical startup issues, but also develop the internal “muscles” that will empower you to:

– Say no to the things that don’t work for you or your company
– Manage conversations where you are not being taken seriously as a founder and the head of your organization
– Be prepared for the pitching and fundraising process
– Own your space and relinquish it to no one
– Know yourself as a badass

What is the cost to participate?

There is a nominal fee to participate in the program, as we have seen a profound difference when a person has “skin in the game” by paying a fee to participate. It has a direct impact on performance and results. Having said that, the fee is a fraction of the cost Jennifer charges to work with funded and high-growth companies, and scholarships are also available in particular circumstances. If the program is of interest, we invite you to fill out our brief questionnaire below. If you seem to be a fit, we will contact you to discuss the program further. We look forward to learning about you and your venture!

Jennifer at 1776 with female founders who took her pitch training session.
Jennifer at 1776 with female founders who took her pitch training session.